European Funds for a Restoration Project

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During this week, Assoċjazzjoni Wirt il-Kalkara has signed a contract through which during the next months shall start a restoration project cofinanced through European funds under the LEADER programme of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

The Secretary of Wirt il-Kalkara Duncan Brincat signed the contract in the presence of Mr. Terence Camilleri on behalf of Gal Xlokk Foundation.

The Saint Joseph Parish Church of Kalkara owns a hand embroidered antependium which requires professional restoration. This artefact used to be utilised during the main liturgical feasts in the first Parish Church of the village, which edifice unfortunately was completely destroyed during the Second World War. Few works of art were saved, including this antependium, an Italian objet d’art dating back to 1897. Assoċjazzjoni Wirt il-Kalkara aims to restore back this artefact, permanently exhibiting it in the Parish Church and also start utilising it during the main liturgical feasts in the present Parish Church. A booklet shall be published containing historical information about the antependium and this project.


Assoċjazzjoni Wirt il-Kalkara would like to thank Fondazzjoni Gal Xlokk and Meusac for their guidance. The project, in collaboration with the Parish of Kalkara, shall be ready during next year.

This project is cofinanced under the LEADER Programme of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014 – 2020.

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