Fort Rinella


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go-to-locationFort Rinella is one of four coastal batteries built by the British Empire in Malta and Gibraltar between 1878 and 1886. The Military Commission established the requirement of two 100-ton guns to defend the Grand Harbour. Two batteries were built: one in Sliema and the other in Kalkara. Their design was of an irregular pentagon with a round ditch and including two levels of which one underground.

The hundred ton cannon arrived from Woolwich at the Malta Shipyard on 10th September 1882 and was transported by sea to Rinella Bay from where it was hand-carried to the fort. In January 1884 the cannon was installed. It operated with a hydraulic system, unique at the time. In 1906, although never used, the cannon was obsolete and dismantled. Fort Rinella was handed over to Wirt Artna Foundation in 1991 and has undergone extensive restoration.

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