Reference No. AWK/GLX/002/2020

Specifications: Conservation, Restoration and Gilding of the Pedestal of the statue of Saint Joseph – Kalkara

Closing Date: 15.01.2021 at noon

Assoċjazzjoni Wirt il-Kalkara is requesting a quotation for the conservation, restoration and gilding of the pedestal of the statue of Saint Joseph which is situated at the Kalkara Parish Church. The cost of the relevant service, if application is successful, will be co-financed through a European Union funding programme. The selection of the successful bidder will take place in line with the funding programme requirements and the cheapest technically compliant will be awarded the bid.

A generic proposed works schedule is found below:

1. Removal of the existent gilding.
2. Removal of existent plaster.
3. Treatment against wood lovers (termites and wood-worms) on the whole structure.
4. Application of plaster, including sanding and refining to attain best details of the existent wooden sculpture.
5. Gilding of the whole structure in 24.75 carat gold leaf.
6. Painting of the angles and puttini as per original design.
7. Application of varnish on the whole structure for preservation purposes.

Bidder may propose an alternative works schedule similar to the above, which is to be attached to the respective quotation. Moreover, for indicative purposes, kindly find attached some photos of the pedestal showing its current state. Interested bidders who wish to view and evaluate directly the pedestal are to contact the undersigned for an appointment on site.

It is to be noted that works on the pedestal have to start after 25.07.2021 and must be fully completed by 25.04.2022.

Quotation format should be as follows:

1. Quotation has to be on your company’s letterhead and bearing also your VAT number and a unique reference.
2. It should be addressed to Assoċjazzjoni Wirt il-Kalkara (Address: c/o 89, ‘Sancte Joseph’, Triq ir-Rnella, Kalkara).
3. Quotation has to include a net amount, the relevant applicable VAT rate, the VAT amount and the gross amount inclusive of VAT.
4. Quote should be valid for 6 months from date of issue and dated after 06.01.2021.
5. It is appreciated if quote is signed, stamped and scanned.
6. Quotation should include an addendum with a proposed works-method or statement. This should also state a date of completion of all works.

Kindly forward your quotation as per above format by not later than 15.01.2021 at noon. For further information, clarifications and submission of quotation kindly send an email to