Built by the Knights of the Order of Saint John between 1670 and 1698, Fort Ricasoli in Kalkara commands the entrance to the Grand Harbour of Malta.

Named after Fra Giovanni Francesco Ricasoli who generously donated towards its construction, it is the largest fort in Malta, one of the largest in Europe and has been on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1998.

Decommissioned in the 1960s, Fort Ricasoli was used for industrial purposes and as a filming location.

Today, the fort is in a dilapidated state, part of its outer bastions washed away by the roaring Mediterranean Sea, and with a naturally-formed cavity eroding away the headland.

Buildings inside Fort Ricasoli are neglected, derelict and crumbling: waiting their ruthless fate.

We at Assoċjazzjoni Wirt il-Kalkara are committed to voice our plea.

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